Projects and Businesses

These are Terran Marks’s current projects and businesses. They range from a blacksmithing company to a water quality research service. Links and contact information are provided below.

Brown County ForgeBrown County Forge, established in 2015, is a southern Indiana blacksmithing company focusing on blacksmith classes and handmade hardware.

Indiana BrushIndiana Brush, established in 2022, is an invasive plant and brush removal company serving Bloomington, Indiana and Monroe County.

What makes Indiana Brush unique is its commitment to low-carbon landscaping solutions:

  • All tools are either electric or human-powered. No direct fossil fuel usage.
  • They use existing waste removal infrastructure (city of Bloomington services) rather than hauling woody debris for multiple trips.

WaterBadge - Water Quality Ratings and Reports

WaterBadge, established in 2021, is a water quality search engine providing information about 788 U.S. cities with populations over 50,000.

  • Find out what contaminants are in your water and how to safely remove them.
  • Is there lead in your water? It’s likely, but we can show you how to filter it.

Interested in Building a Project of Your Own?

Terran has over a decade of training and experience building online and offline businesses.

Whether it’s SEO services (ranking well in Google) or Branding, Terran will help you analyze your situation and provide steps forward.

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